The Nepal Education Fund

Providing Underprivileged Nepali Children with an Education and Hope for the Future

The Nepal Education Fund is a small privately run charity started in 2004 to help educate children in Nepal. These children are from very poor families who cannot afford the yearly school fee nor the cost of school uniforms and the requisite school supplies. Some of the children have never attended school while others have had to drop out as their parents can no longer afford to send them because of financial hardship.

The Nepal Education Fund currently has over 150 children sponsored to go to school from caring families in Canada, England, US, Australia, New Zealand, Qatar and Germany. Trusted Nepali staff select the children and help run this programme.

If a selected Nepali family is committed to educating their children, the children are registered in school, uniforms are purchased and school supplies bought. In addition, the children are regularly monitored to check upon their progress.

About the Children

52% of the total Nepali population is illiterate

The Children in Nepal range in age from 4 year to 18 years. Some are just starting school and others are trying to finish school. All come from similar impoverished backgrounds and typically live in one small room with their parents and siblings.

Being a predominantly Hindu nation, Nepal has a distinct caste system that places both social and financial constraints on those in the lower castes. The primary method of breaking out of poverty associated with the lower castes is to become educated.

In all cases, the parents are very supportive and want their children to receive an education, as they know this is their primary chance for a better life. Education is held in high esteem in Nepali society.

In most cases, the parents themselves are illiterate (52% of the total population is illiterate) so they are eager for their children to have a better future that comes with an education.

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Please make A Donation

Donations are always welcome.   A one time donation or a regular contribution is always an option if you are not wanting or able to commit to a long term sponsorship.  These are used for extras the children need such as extra tuition, medical fees etc.

Please make the cheque or money order payable to the Nepal Education Fund and mail to:

Nepal Education Fund
6718 Beaumont Ave.,
Duncan, BC,
V9L 5X8

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