Can the family use the money I send for non-educational purposes?

No.  The money does not go directly to the families.  Instead the money is paid to the schools for tuition and to purchase a school uniform, shoes, bag and supplies.

Can I sponsor a child for one year?

We are looking for sponsors that are committed to helping educate a child for an extended period of time.  It is substantially more work to try and find new sponsors each year.  In addition, most of our sponsors have built a special bond with the children and their families in Nepal.  

Can I correspond with the child?

Absolutely!  Depending on the child’s age and English language skill, correspondence is a great way to know you are significantly impacting a future generation of Nepalis.  Gifts, cards, or drawings can either be mailed or given to a member of the Nepal Education Fund when they are traveling to Nepal.

How much of my donation or sponsor money goes to administration?

None of your money goes to pay for administration.  To date we have managed to raise all administration costs though fundraising events such as:  garage sales, dinner draws, a marathon, and a lakeside summer weekend event etc.

Will I receive a tax receipt for my sponsor or donation money?

At the moment NEF is not tax a Canadian tax deductible charity.  We are working on this but it may take some months to conclusion.

Can I visit my child in Nepal?

Yes you can. We have many sponsors that have visited their children. Please contact Susan Marshall, at for further information.

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Please make A Donation

Donations are always welcome.   A one time donation or a regular contribution is always an option if you are not wanting or able to commit to a long term sponsorship.  These are used for extras the children need such as extra tuition, medical fees etc.

Please make the cheque or money order payable to the Nepal Education Fund and mail to:

Nepal Education Fund
6718 Beaumont Ave.,
Duncan, BC,
V9L 5X8

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