Nepal Dentistry Program

The dentistry program was started in the Spring of 2010. A Rotarian who accompanied us to Nepal paid to have a village girl's teeth fixed. She had many cavities and needed four root canals and she was 18 years old.

The seed was sown and we decided to make it a gift giving project. A Christmas or birthday gift could be bought for $38 and this provided a Nepali child a visit to the dentist and subsequent treatment if needed. The receipient then recieves a card telling them about their gift. This has been very successful.

Duncan Rotary started funding the Program in 2011 and we treated several hundred children that year and again in 2012.

Dental work on a child
In the spring of 2013 Dr. Jeffery Phillips from Bainbridge Island,  Washington joined our team and spent over three weeks doing triage dental work in remote villages.  He treated children and adults and  also a lot of the NEF sponsored children.  Teeth that needed further treament were referred to Dr. Kamal in his Pokhara clinic.
Dr. Phillips has a practice in Silverdale, Washington and he will be  joining us in Nepal again in 2014.  He has been a long time sponsor  of two Nepali children with NEF. Many thanks to him and to Duncan  Rotary who make this whole program possible.

Dentistry in Nepal is very new. The first dental teaching hospital in 1996. Since then about 800 dentists have been trained but about half have left the country leaving only 400 in a country of nearly 30 million people. Poverty is rampant in Nepal and providing food for a family is a challenge so a visit to a dentist is rarely possible or even thought of. Many families cannot afford to see a doctor when needed. Toothpaste also would be a luxury item.

Hopefully with education at least proper toothcare by way of brushing will help with the decay problem.

To buy a dentist gift just send a cheque to Nepal Education Fund with the receipient's name and address.

Dental Program Receives Award

Dr. Jeffery Phillips and I were awarded Paul Harris Fellows by Duncan Noontime Rotary and Duncan Daybreak Rotary.  This award was to recognize our humanitarian work with the Nepal Education Fund in Nepal.  Jeff was recognized for the excellent dental work he did in Nepal in dental camps and with NEF children.  This is a great honour for both of us and we wish to thank both Rotary Clubs for their support.  We look forward to continuing our work with them in the years to come.  Photo with Duncan Noontime President Michael Lee, President Elect Howard Goodridge, Past President of Duncan Daybreak Joe Simpson, Jeff and myself.

Photo of the Week

Please make A Donation

Donations are always welcome.   A one time donation or a regular contribution is always an option if you are not wanting or able to commit to a long term sponsorship.  These are used for extras the children need such as extra tuition, medical fees etc.

Please make the cheque or money order payable to the Nepal Education Fund and mail to:

Nepal Education Fund
6718 Beaumont Ave.,
Duncan, BC,
V9L 5X8

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