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Joint Rotary Project

In March 2010 six Rotarians from Duncan's two clubs visited the Chimkhola project along with NEF members.
It was a memorable visit with villagers making us all so welcome and putting on a ceremony that included dancing, speeches, flowers and lots of colour.  We were given handmade minature dokha baskets and afterward we toured the school and spoke to the teachers.
Chimkhola never sees trekkers or westerners so it was a true Nepali experience for the Rotary members and the villagers are still talking about it and asking if they will return.

In 2008 NEF joined with local Rotary clubs (Duncan Daybreak and Duncan Noontime) in a joint project of the refurbishing of a remote mountain village school.  This took two years to completion.

The school in the village of Chimkhola in the Annurpurna Range received school desks, supplies, sport equipment, teaching aids, science lab, medical clinic, library and new latrines.

The school serves four villages and now is equiped to take students through to completion of class 10.  When we first saw this school it was basically just walls and so thanks to the Rotary and Rotary International Chimkhola now has a school to be proud of.

Education Costs

The cost to sponsor and educate a child for one year is Cdn $125.00 for Government school and $350.00 for private school. This pays for the school registration and monthly fee, the three mandatory annual exams, a school uniform, school bag, shoes and supplies.

There are no administration costs taken out of your fees so all your money goes directly to funding your child’s education for one year.

To sponsor a woman in our literacy program the cost is $60 for six months. If the student wishes to continue for a further six months or longer you may sponsor her again. Most students do continue after their first term and we have some who are now entering their third year.

In return for your generosity, you will receive a photograph of the child or woman. You may also write letters to her. In addition we produce a newsletter a least twice a year to keep everyone up to date on the success of the Nepal Education Fund. The blog is updated weekly and almost daily when I am in Nepal. Your sponsored child or woman will also be monitored by our Nepali staff and any change in their situation is reported back to you.

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Please make A Donation

Donations are always welcome.   A one time donation or a regular contribution is always an option if you are not wanting or able to commit to a long term sponsorship.  These are used for extras the children need such as extra tuition, medical fees etc.

Please make the cheque or money order payable to the Nepal Education Fund and mail to:

Nepal Education Fund
6718 Beaumont Ave.,
Duncan, BC,
V9L 5X8

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