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Nepal Education Fund started our Women’s Literacy Program in early 2009 in Pokhara, Nepal.

We now have 80 women in our program learning basic reading, writing and arithmetic.  They enroll for a six months term and may continue for on for another term or more if they wish.  After six months they are quite proficient in their writing and reading skills.

We now have our first woman in school full time in class two with her young daughter.

We hope in the future that more women will be able to attend school full time and even go on to college.



Daumaya, a single mother, was in our literacy class and finished our sewing program.  In late 2012 she was found to a rare form of uterine cancer and had to spend many months at the Cancer Hospital in the south of Nepal.  Her daughters, aged 7 to 13 years, were at home on their own during these months.  The eldest girl, Maya, did her best at looking after her sisters.  We are happy to say that Daumaya is now back home with her children and looking well.  She is able to do some sewing for a little income.  We thank the sponsors who donated for her medical care and food and rent for the children.  There is no free medical treatment in Nepal and without your help Daumaya would not have survived and her children would have lost their mother.  Hopefully she is cured and that this is truly a success story.


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Donations are always welcome.   A one time donation or a regular contribution is always an option if you are not wanting or able to commit to a long term sponsorship.  These are used for extras the children need such as extra tuition, medical fees etc.

Please make the cheque or money order payable to the Nepal Education Fund and mail to:

Nepal Education Fund
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