Nepal Education Fund

The Nepal Education Fund

Providing Underprivileged Nepali Children with an Education and Hope for the Future

Who is The Nepal Education Fund (NEF)?

The Nepal Education Fund is a small privately run charity started in 2004 to help educate children in Nepal. These children are from very poor families who cannot afford the yearly school fee nor the cost of school uniforms and the requisite school supplies. Some of the children have never attended school while others have had to drop out as their parents can no longer afford to send them because of financial hardship.

The Nepal Education Fund currently has over 150 children sponsored to go to school from caring families in Canada, England, US, Australia, New Zealand, Qatar and Germany. Trusted Nepali staff select the children and help run this programme.

If a selected Nepali family is committed to educating their children, the children are registered in school, uniforms are purchased and school supplies bought. In addition, the children are regularly monitored to check upon their progress.

DID YOU KNOW? - 52% of the total Nepali population are illiterate

The Children in Nepal range in age from 4 year to 18 years. Some are just starting school and others are trying to finish school. All come from similar impoverished backgrounds and typically live in one small room with their parents and siblings.

Being a predominantly Hindu nation, Nepal has a distinct caste system that places both social and financial constraints on those in the lower castes. The primary method of breaking out of poverty associated with the lower castes is to become educated.

In all cases, the parents are very supportive and want their children to receive an education, as they know this is their primary chance for a better life. Education is held in high esteem in Nepali society.

In most cases, the parents themselves are illiterate (52% of the total population is illiterate) so they are eager for their children to have a better future that comes with an education.

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We have done some amazing work over the year, from helping children through school (through to university in some cases!) to helping the communities with mediucal and dental care. We continue to appeal for help and support for these communities and it wouldn’t be without the kindness and generosity of the donors that help us provide for those who are far less fortunate than you or any of us. 

Medical Help

When any NEF children are faced with a serious illness or accident we try to help. One little had a serious eye condition that required injections at the eye hospital. NEF and her sponsor paid for this treatment and she went on to full recovery. Very recently we have had


We have in past years provided dentistry programs with great success. We have provided dentistry to schools and remote villages. We have used local dentists and also had a visiting dentist from the US. This year, starting March 2024, we are going have 3 local dentists provide their services to

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I just want to say how excited it is going to be to have a website we can keep up to date and share with you the great stories that we have had over the years.

Visit with 4 children

Arrived in Nepal after the usual long journey.  Yesterday visited one family with four children.  Today we are going to three schools. I am still having problems posting here.  So keping this short to see if this works.  I will try posting photos later.

Internet problems

It is very difficult for me to post here as I get the whole post almost done and lose it, not sure what the problem is.  So I have to make this fast.  I am just posting some pictures of a school in Nuwakot where NEF is providing a science

Chandoswory School

This is the school we have built with NEF earthquake funds.  It is in the village of Tupche in the district of Nuwakot.  The school was destroyed in the earthquake.  The building consists of five large rooms.  Some volunteers from England are going to paint it and we have money

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We have done some amazing work over the year, from helping children through school (through to university in some cases!) to helping the communities with mediucal and dental care. We continue to appeal for help and support for these communities and it wouldn’t be without the kindness and generosity of the donors that help us provide for those who are far less fortunate than you or any of us. 

A legacy for Nepal

Nepal Education Fund Sponsors

Education system in Nepal

Education system structure

The education system in Nepal is structured into three main levels:

Primary Education: Mandatory for children aged 5 to 11 years, lasting for six years. The curriculum covers subjects like Nepali, mathematics, science, and social studies.

Secondary Education: Lasts for five years, divided into lower secondary (three years) and upper secondary (two years). Subjects include Nepali, mathematics, science, social studies, and elective subjects like arts and music.

Higher Education: Includes bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. Nepal has several universities and colleges offering higher education.

Progress and Challenges

  • Poverty: Despite overall poverty reduction, two-thirds of children still lack at least one of seven basic needs.
  • Disparities: Significant disparities exist based on wealth, region, language, caste, ethnicity, gender, age, disability, and income.
  • Access: Efforts have been made to improve access, especially in rural and remote areas. However, challenges persist.
  • Human Development: Nepal ranks as the third poorest among 58 Asian countries in terms of human development.
  • Rights: Ensuring children’s rights across the spectrum remains a priority.

Children in need

  • Post-Earthquake Situation: After a 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck western Nepal in November 2023, 68,000 children and their families still require urgent assistance to rebuild their lives.
  • Investing in Children: With 40% of Nepal’s population under 18 years old, investing in children and adolescents is crucial for shaping national development. Despite progress, there’s room for improvement in achieving children’s rights and addressing disparities.

By supporting organizations like the Nepal Education Fund, sponsors can make a significant impact on the lives of Nepalese children, ensuring access to quality education and a brighter future.

Nepal Education Fund’s Dental Care Initiative

The Nepal Dental Wellness Initiative is dedicated to reigniting vital oral health services for underserved communities in Nepal. Our once-vibrant dental program, which brought countless smiles, now faces hurdles that have dimmed its effectiveness. Yet, we remain steadfast in the belief of the transformative power of healing, and we extend an invitation to compassionate patrons to unite with us on this noble journey.

Why Support Dental Wellness?

Life-Enhancing Impact: Your patronage directly impacts lives. Access to quality dental care can be the pivotal difference between oral well-being and unnecessary suffering. Community Empowerment: By endorsing NDWI’s dental endeavors, you empower communities to flourish, ensuring brighter smiles and more promising futures. Holistic Services: Our aspiration transcends basic dentistry. We aspire to deliver comprehensive dental services, catering to pressing needs. How You Can Make a Difference:

Patronage: Your financial backing empowers us to rejuvenate and broaden dental care initiatives. Each contribution holds significant value. Raise Awareness: Disseminate our mission among acquaintances, family, and peers. Together, we can ignite a wave of empathy and support. Join Our Alliance: Be a part of a global alliance committed to revolutionizing smiles and oral wellness in Nepal. Let us together reignite hope, foster healing, and nurture healthy smiles. Support dental wellness with NDWI today.

Appeal for Healthcare Sponsorship

The Nepal Education Fund (NEF) is on a mission to reignite essential healthcare services for vulnerable communities in Nepal. Our successful dentistry program once brightened countless smiles, but challenges dimmed its impact. Now, we seek compassionate sponsors who believe in the power of healing. Why Sponsor Healthcare?
  1. Lifesaving Impact: Your sponsorship directly impacts lives. Access to medical care can mean the difference between life and loss.
  2. Empowering Communities: By supporting NEF’s healthcare initiatives, you empower communities to thrive, ensuring healthier futures.
  3. Dental and Medical Services: Our vision extends beyond dentistry. We aim to provide comprehensive healthcare services, addressing urgent needs.
How You Can Help:
  1. Sponsorship: Your financial support enables us to revive and expand healthcare programs. Every contribution matters.
  2. Spread Awareness: Share our mission with friends, family, and colleagues. Together, we can create a ripple effect of compassion.
  3. Join Our Network: Become part of a global community committed to transforming lives in Nepal.
Together, let’s relight hope, healing, and health. Sponsor healthcare with NEF today.