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Daumaya and her daughters

This is the lady who has cancer and has been away from her children for three months having treatment.  she left again this morning for the five hour bus ride back to the hospital.  We gave her some money for some more treatment but not really enough.  She has borrowed $300 which is finished now and has still has a lot more chemo to have and each injection costs $40.  This woman is penniless and says that she is only having treatment for the sake of her daughters otherwise she would not bother.  She asked the doctor her prognosis and he did not tell her.  When I leave Mann will travel to the hospital to speak to the doctor.  I have had a donation for the rent and food for the children but all I was able to give her was $100 to go back with plus a new phone so she could contact us.  It would a relief for her and us if we could get some donations for her treatment.  Daumaya is a lovely lady who has these four children who she has to leave alone for months at a time and she has absolutely no money and no husband.  I cannot imagine what this would feel like.  One daughter needed a tooth extracted however before her mother returned she was too scared to let Jeff to it.  On Saturday her mother took her to the clinic and Jeff was able to do the needed extraction because her mother gave her the confidence/support she needed.  That says it all, children need their mother.  I have known and loved Daumaya for years.  So please if you can help her even with a small donation please let me know by way of email.  Even those pennies you may have tucked away would help as we do not mind rolling them, every little would help.

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