Nepal Education Fund

Today’s photos: At the top is Santi and below her home. Her father is a blacksmith working in front of their home and her mother is blind and turns the wheel all day to make air for the bellows to keep the fire going. This family is extremely poor as you can see by the photo. Above left is the science equipment we bought today for the Simpani school. This took several hours today and in fact Mann is still on his way home with it as he waited to get it all packaged up. A grade 12 student who happened to be there helped us pick suitable posters and extra things that the school did not have on the list. This is an excellent project made possible by the Dohar Wooden Spooner’s Rugby Club. Mann is looking forward to getting this all set up at the school. Above right is Apekshaya with her sponsor’s gift and as you can see she is very happy with this. To the left is Sabritri, one of our blind students who we visited today. She is an excellent student who won a scholarship this year. She is charming, polite and always so happy to see us. She is waiting for me to visit her home in the village one day. I really love this young woman.

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