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I am in Thamel today which is the tourist area of Kathmandu. It is very busy and the weather is very warm. I came in to register a child in school but when I got there they told me I was too early and to come back later. This is why things take so long here as the school is down in old Kathmandu so now I have to go back again. Anyway lunch here was good, a real brown cheese sandwich. Nepalis do not eat cheese so for me it becomes a real treat. We only eat Dhal Bhat and tarKari at the apartment. that is rice, lentils and vegetables.
the electric situation has improved a bit and now we have it on for about 8 hours per day. When the light comes on we get quite excited. Some of those hours are in the middle of the night which is not much use.
We have been visiting children but have been held up with registrations because of problems with the social Welfare Council wanting more and more information before we could start taking money from the bank account. Mann has worked long hard hours on all the paperwork. So now we will be able to start registering but it will be very full weeks now till I come home. I admire his patience as I think mine would have run out a long time ago but they make me realise that it would be futile to get angry here.
I have matched all new sponsors except for two. I am holding off on those till I go back to Pokhara in a couple of weeks. Most of the new children are little girls. I realize more and more how hard life is for women here. My Nepali women friends here tell me what a woman’s life is like and how dominating their husbands are. They have to ask for permission to go anywhere even to visit a friend. So once married they are prisoners to their husbands and families. this is how they explained it to me. they also have no money of their own.
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  1. Hi Sussan,I am teacher teaching in the school where your Pokherili childredns are studying.Thank you so much. You and your team did what god did not do for them. Thank you so much for saving our children.

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