Nepal Education Fund

Beautiful mountain child. Her family lives very remotely under a bamboo shelter beside the river. I mentioned them in my last blog. Yesterday I visited an organization that helps poor families with disabilities. Her brother is lame in one leg and cannot go to school so I am referring them to see if they can get help. It was an excellent organization called International Nepal Fellowship. They have a training program that trains individuals in radio repair, watch repair and many craft making skills as well has animal husbandary etc. They also had a hospital that specialises in leprosy, club feet, polio etc. I was very impressed. So I am hoping this family can get some help although there is a long waiting list.

I am still working in Simpani, last day today before I return to Kathmandu tomorrow. I had a great day yesterday working on my own. Took about 9 children shopping with a grandmother and a mother. Had to use my Nepali language skills and although not very good I managed. We laughed a lot and although it took 3 hours I really enjoyed it. For those new sponsors who I have not emailed yet with photos please be patient as it is very difficult. This photo took 10 minutes to download and internet in Pokhara is expensive.

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