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Things are progressing well but the time is going very quickly. Being busy makes the time go fast I think. Visited four families yesterday and one where the father had left his wife and family and has gone to England where he is having an affair with a woman there. He managed to get a three month visa but that is now up and he has not returned leaving his wife with no money and has not even phoned her. She has four children and now is living on credit at the grocery store. Another family, a neighbour where we also sponsor a child, her husband has also left her with no support. Very sad and makes me very angry. They were made very happy by my visit and gave me flowers. Soucie, whose husband has gone to England, looked very lovely in a sari sent by her sponsor. She said it made her very happy to have it. She is such a lovely lady and has very polite and beautiful children. At least they are getting an education.
Today I have to go to the bank again which will entail an hour’s wait. I do not like to walk around with a large sum of money so take smaller amounts out and then have to keep going back. Such is life.
The SBCH children are all well and I have fun doing yoga with them. They also enjoy my laptop as I buy movies very cheaply here and they can watch them when the electric is out. I just get one movie out of my battery.

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