Nepal Education Fund

Yesterday the four of us, Kamal, Jagat, Mann and I, hired a taxi for the whole day and visited every child in Kathmandu. It took 11 hours. A few we missed as everyone knew the location of those families but in all we must have visited 98 per cent. We updated all information at the same time. We only accepted tea at two places and stopped 45 minutes for lunch. It was a great day, and we laughed a lot. Everyone got on so well together that I felt at the end of the day that I was so lucky to have such a great team working for me here. In the afternoon the skies went black and there was a big storm so we got wet running up alleys and stairs and we wrote in the dark or by a single candlelight. I left my glasses under someone’s bed, don’t ask me how they got there, so had to back track over that. All the children that had received their exam marks had done well and when we reassessed all of them we were satisfied that all deserved to be sponsored and we added a couple of new ones as well. Rajindra , who also works with us, we did not include as he runs the Hattiban area and does not work for us in Kathmandu. During the whole day no one complained about being hungry or tired or needing a break. The taxi driver was amazing and only wanted 2000 rupees ($32.00). I paid him 3000 instead and he deserved every rupee. Also every family had waited in for many hours for us as we could not give them an exact time.
When we got home we had electric so spent the evening dancing with the children. It was a great end to a wonderful day.
Photo Kamal, Mann & Jagat having a break for refreshment.

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