Nepal Education Fund

This morning we were visiting a couple of our children when we were asked to see a home across the street.  There  was a little shop and it was the shop keeper who was asking us so we went to where he led us behind his shop.  In a little room was a  very young lady with a small baby in her arms.  She looked about 16 but she said she  was 21.  She also had a little boy of 5 years who was scruffy and dirty.  I went in and sat on the bed and asked if I could hold her baby girl.  She was scared so I thought this would make her feel at ease and she handed me the baby.  She had been married off at 15 or 16 to a drunk back in the village.  They moved to Kathmandu ten months ago in the hope that things would be better but he only comes to see her every couple of months and drinks away whatever money he makes.  She had absolutely no food, not a grain of rice and lives on left overs the neighbours give her.  The rent has not been paid in six months but the room is owned by the shopkeeper who seems to have some compassion.  The son had been allowed to go to school for free but he had no notebooks, pencils or uniform, bag or shoes so now he does not want to go anymore because he feels different from the other kids.  The mother’s  eyes  told her story as they were vacant and sad.  I looked at the  baby in my arms, so sweet but born into a hopeless world with no future. There was only a bed in the room and a small kerosene cooking stove.  That women have to live this way is so shocking and cruel and I cannot even imagine what her life must be like.  For some minutes I could not say anything but looked at the baby as  there was a big lump in my throat.  I placed her back in the mother’s arms and went and bought her a month’s  supply of food.  Rice, lentils and some vegetables, eggs, oil and some biscuits and soap for washing.
I need a sponsor for this little boy.  It will cost $125 per year to put him in school with a uniform etc. Her only hope is through her children.  Most of us spend a lot more than this in coffee shops per year.  I will put up photos later as I am in an internet shop and my camera is at home.

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