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There is a government school very close to our office that I have wanted to help in the past but the principal at that time was an uneducated woman who was scared of change.  She is now gone and a new lady Principal is there who would love to better her school.  All the teachers are women, smiling and friendly great role models.  This school has no library, no science lab, no teaching materials and no windows, they are open to the weather.  There are 250 students in this school in classes nursery to class 8.  They have a store room that could be divided into a library and a science lab.  The science teacher said it is so hard for her to teach science just from a book with no practical work because they have no science teaching aids to work with.  They had no books either.  The English teacher’s first choice was a library and the science teacher’s a science lab.  They have science from class one on through 8.  We have a list of basic science equipment from her that we are going to price out.  When I look at these schools they need so much that it is hard to know what is the most important with the few funds NEF has.  The nursery class also had nothing, no teaching aids, educational toys etc.  This school is located in a well off area.  Big homes mainly owned by British and Indian army retirees.  But there are pockets of extremely poor people here who are labourers for the rich.  It is children from these families who attend this school.  Very poor and low caste children.  There is one world for poor here and one for the rich.  So this school gets totally overlooked.  The Chairman of the Board said some help would give them hope and hopefully get the ball rolling.  This has certainly happened at other schools where we have helped.  It is almost like when we start and do a project everyone wants to get on board.  This has happened at Kristi, Pumbi Bhumdi and Chalnakhel.  It is like we touch it and it turns to gold.  Let’s us hope it does here also.  These schools are all helping the most vulnerable here, the poor and low caste.  Photos of the school and children just getting ready to write an exam.  Photo of the teachers, principal in bright pink and science teacher in green.  I really like the fact that they are all women, promise for the future.

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  1. Susan – i read this post and feel like this could really be the school that my business can help. Will you start a project here? I'm still re-branding my business but I'm looking to focus on helping in some way. I'd like to provide a portion of proceeds from sales to helping here. I think that it could also lead to more sponsors through NEF.

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