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Today I felt sad.  I visit many poor homes and I am used to it and enjoy sitting with the families but this morning I was asked by Mann’s sister, Gita to visit a home just behind Gita’s little shop.  I walked into a cinder block room, the only furniture in the room was a wooden bed on which I sat down.  A few blocks made a rough cooking surface and there was a kerosene stove.  I young woman walked in with two children in tow, one 3 and one 7.  They crouched on the floor and I asked questions about their ages, her martial status etc.  Her husband left her three years ago for another woman who he has since left and has disappeared to India, she has not heard from him since.  She is 27 years old, thin and quite lovely.  The dwelling in which they live belongs to the block factory and they allow her to work 4 hours a day to cover her rent.  She works in the fields to make money for food and when there is no work begs from the neighbours.  Gita who is very poor herself helps her at these times.  She cannot afford to send her son even to government school, he went a long time ago for 3 months.  I asked her if she had any food but she became embarrassed so Mann looked in the plastic containers and there was maybe enough rice for two days and a spoonful of lentils.  We took her to the shop and bought her some rice, lentils, eggs and biscuits and soap for her washing.  She looked at the whole flat of eggs in disbelief and said these will feed my children for a whole month.  She is shy and quietly thanked me by placing her hands in namaste and bowing and I watched her walk away with her eggs.  My heart sank when I thought of her existance and I felt numb.
I left but could not get her out of my mind.  I could not imagine what her life is like never knowing where the food for her children is coming from and she cannot even send her son to school.  He is the one who will look after her in later life.  She cannot return to her parents as a woman who has lost her husband has lost her honour in this culture.  So she has no one to turn to or to comfort her.
I know I say all the time we only want to sponsor girls but then I see a case like this one and how can I say no.  I do not have a sponsor for her child but hopefully one will come along. 
I forgot my camera battery this morning but am going back there now to take photos. 

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