Nepal Education Fund

Many things have happened in the last two weeks that have been emotional for me but today a really special moment.  We have noticed a young lady in Simpani over the last two or three years who has a handicap and cannot walk unaided.  She has always used a handmade wooden structure with wooden wheels attached.  We thought it would be an advantage for her to have a walker from Canada that would be easier for her to use.  Last year I bought one at a church sale for $10.00.  On this trip we brought it as an extra piece of luggage.  Today we took it to her home where she lives in one room down by the river.  She was so happy and was all smiles while Mann and Bob showed her how to use it and how the brakes worked and showed her that she could also sit on it if she needed to.  She is quite handicapped physically but seemed to be a bright girl.  As we went to leave she said “Thank you Aunty and Uncle”.  I got quite a lump in my throat but managed a “swagatum” which is  “you are welcome” in Nepali.  We had never actually met this young lady before but hope that this walker would make her life a little easier. 

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