Nepal Education Fund

Today we took eleven children to the zoo. They all enjoyed it and were very well behaved. The children that came were: Pinky, Binita, Suman, Sujan, Samjhana, Smitri, Abiseka, Deya, Asmita, Sagar and Ali and Mann’s little girl Lesa. We went on the bus and came home in two taxis, with adults that was a total of about 15 in two small taxis. Three children, Deya, Asmita and Sagar were newly sponsored last May and the others have been with us for sometime. I really see such a difference in them, they have just blossomed. Smitri and Samjhana are young ladies now and speak quite good English and even the small children were speaking some English and knew the names of the animals in English. We all enjoyed the outing.

Photos are Deya and her mother, she was too shy to come on her own, Samjhana and Binita top left, kids eating ice cream, Pinky, Smitri and Abiseka and group of children, Lesa and me with some of the children

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