Nepal Education Fund

Mann’s wife Sima delivered a baby girl this morning at 5am. I am so happy that she was born while we were here. Can’t wait to see her now when we return tomorrow to Kathmandu.

Today we found a new and better room for Mrs. BK for just 100 rupees a month more. It is in a nicer area near some friends for her. We bought her a bed, stove, door curtain and some lino and she is so happy. A new start for her and her little girls. We also checked out a sewing school and decided to train her and another lady, susmita’s mother, for two months. Hopefully then they can teach others in the area in new sewing school we plan to start. Decided it was better to train our own ladies rather than hire a teacher from outside. Mrs. BK seemed very keen and said once trained she would be able to look after herself and family. Susmita’s mother a little hesitant owing to her lack of education but the two of them together hopefully will give her confidence. Later we can train more. These women are single mothers. I envision this to become a ladies co-op where they can make school uniforms for the two schools and other handicrafts in the future. This will require some money but I am optimistic as always that this will happen.

We both feel very satisfied with our day’s work. Dipak who has been helping us has done a great job. Other good news is the Rotary Club is back from Chimkhola and said they agreed that the village was in great need and also said they had never received such a great welcome and from such nice people. They are meeting right now and working on the paper work to send to Canada.

So goodbye to Pokhara or as they say here “until next time”.

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