Nepal Education Fund

My staff and friends gave me a wonderful send off last night from Kathmandu. I am in Hong Kong writing this. So many keta scarves and flower malas that I was weighted down by them. Everyone gathered at our office and three of our newly sponsored children came with their mother also. So many letters to be delivered to sponsors and still more to be picked up and will have to be mailed. The situation of the last few days prevented us getting to some areas and it is a monumental job as it is to get to all families. I left with Mann in a taxi with two motorbikes following with Jagat, Kamal and Manjit. It was hard to hold back the tears.
Our heartfelt thanks to these guys for running our charity in Nepal. They do a great job under adversity and take great care of me. Mann and Jagat work tirelessly, they were gone by 6 am yesterday to pick up letters. Manjit helps Mann with government paperwork etc. Maniraj helps in this regard also, Rajindra in Hattiban and Ram in Baluju and with much advice and Kamal for his friendship and being there when I need him. I must not forget Sima who cooked great meals for me everyday and shared so much of herself with me and Puspa, Jagat’s wife, for cups of tea at the end of tiring days.
You all are so much appreciated and I think you know by now that this charity would not be possible without you. You have helped to change so many of your fellow Nepalis lives. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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