Nepal Education Fund

We went shopping first thing this morning to buy sports equipment for the Simpani Government School. NEF purchased footballs, a volleyball and net, karom board, chess games, skipping ropes etc. This school had no sports or games equipment. We delievered this and then talked about another new and exciting project which is as follows:

We have had a donation from the Doha RFC Vets Wooden Spooners Rugby Club in Qatar. They have raised enough money to supply science equipment for a science lab at the Simpani school. The teacher here had no equipment at all for his classes 7 & 8. They have a room for it that they are going to paint and put glass in the windows. NEF is paying for the tables, stools and cupboard. Mann is pricing out the equipment and the tables will be ready in a couple of weeks. So the Lab should be up and running in one month. The school is truly grateful for this and it will make is so much easier for the students to learn the practical side of their science studies.
The Ruby Club is also sponsoring four little girls to go to school. These are Pinky, Prakati, Santi and Sumitra. Many, many thanks to this club for their support and making a difference to these children’s lives.

I visited quite a few children in Simpani and this afternoon took Reka and her mummy from the restaurant shopping for a new outfit each. This is a gift from Bob. We had a hard time getting them to pick as they only wanted us to choose. We also bought decorations for the Tihar festival which is this weekend. On the way home Reka thanked us several times and said how lucky she was. Such a lovely and so grateful. The family lost everything in the landslide and somehow they always are smiling.

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