Nepal Education Fund

Kevin from Calgary arrived yesterday and today I took him to two schools which we toured. I took him to two families homes and to the SBCH shelter. He said so many times today that he is overwhelmed. He wanted to take the local bus which we did and I took him through old Kathmandu. He loves the children and played games with them at the orphanage. I was so happy to see him taking everything in and appreciating all that he saw. He thought Kamal was amazing and was impressed at how good he is with the children. He was so surprised at how much the children enjoyed seeing him and wants to spend a whole day playing with them when they are off school. It is gratifying being able to show someone from Canada all that we do here. Tomorrow we are going to see his sponsored child and her school.

This next photo is of a man selling fish that I picked up on my morning run saying what I thought was “Peace” and I said peace back but what he really was saying was “feech, feech” (fish, fish) I took him home with me and we bought a big feech which he then cut up and scaled for us. The children were very excited and thanked me for the fish. I was surprised at this, as in the west would children thank you for bringing home the dinner? It was a touching moment. There are so many of these cherished moments here.

This photo on left is of Moti. Moti is a wonderful young woman who helps us in Pokhara, and who does a lot of volunteer work for us. She supervises the children, helps with studies and keeps us updated on how they are doing. She also helps us pick the most needy children. She told me she always wanted to help poor children but financially cannot but through us she is able to fulfill her wish. Her help in invaluable.

Other’s who help at the orphanage are of course Kamal and Samjhana shown here with their baby Milan, Jagat who is long time friend of Susan and who has helped her from the very start of the sponsoring and then we have Sima, another wonderful young lady who does very good and hard work at the orphange. She does cooking, cleaning, and spends time teaching the children with their home work.

We did buy the two sewing machines for our sewing classes and we have a teacher who will be teaching two hours per day for 6 days a week. She is only charging 1500 per month about $25. We are starting with Uma, Saku and Mina. I think this will really be a good thing. Now we have to get some fabric and supplies. Lara is sending some sewing supplies with Bob. I used her money for the machines and she is really pleased about that. Another 6 weeks to go and lots of work to accomplish to get the sewing class project off the ground before I get back in April. Namaste everyone.

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