Nepal Education Fund

Well this is my second day in Kathmandu and I feel good after my journey. First day working today and we have visited a few families. Unfortunately we found that one 16 year old boy has not been attending school the last month which is disappointing especially as he is a very bright boy. I now feel that we should be concentrating more on girls as their success rate is much higher. We are going to discuss this along with the fact that when we sponsor new children that they should be no older than 7 or 8. Putting older children in school is a challenge for them because they are so behind and in classes with younger children. Plus a lot of these children have poor role models in that their fathers drink and do nothing.
Anyway we have to put that behind us and move forward as the other children are all doing well.

There are great difficulties here with so little electric and water. I manage to get a wash in the morning and that is it till the next day as there is just not enough water to waste washing hands.
Things are bad in the west but they are so much worse here with loss of jobs and with such poverty there seems no hope or very little. So many things in short supply. Men who were working out of country are losing their jobs there and being sent home making for more jobless people. Petrol still in very short supply. Food prices skyrocketing.
Anyway I will let the new sponsors know their children as soon as I match them but we need to take our time doing this.

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