Nepal Education Fund

This is the end of my second day and I have been busy visiting some families and the orphanage.

I visited Dawa’s family yesterday. He is the little boy that died a month ago. It was very sad. The mother was very upset and there was not much I could do to console her. She was grateful for our help. She had no food so I bought her groceries which was the least I could do. the father was drunk somewhere. I cannot imagine this woman’s life even though I am staring it in the face. Her younest son is up for adoption and that will be another loss for her. She says he will have a much better life.
I am at the orphanage now and everyone is fine there and the babies are a delight as they are 8 and 10 months now.
tomorrow we go to Hattiban and visit children there and see about a new roof for the Tamang family.

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