Nepal Education Fund

Well I arrived here last night after a long but good journey.  I had a 13 hour lay over in Hong Kong so took the train into Kowloon and browsed around and spent some time in Kowloon Park which I always love.  It is the most peaceful park I have ever been in.
Everyone here is fine.  I was very lucky at the airport and was through very quickly to meet Mann and Jagat outside.  Today I am taking it easy.  The weather is warm and sunny which is very nice and hopefully will help this persistant cough that I have had for weeks.  Today I am going to organize all the letters from sponsors.  If anyone still would like to write one they can get it to my house before the end of next week and one of the Rotary members who are coming out will bring it.
Tomorrow we are meeting with one of the Pokhara Rotary members to talk about our dental program which is going to be a large one this year with 300 to 500 children being treated thanks to Rotary support.

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