Nepal Education Fund

I have been here for 3 days now and have been busy doing banking, changing money and making arrangements for the Rotary members who are coming tomorrow. The journey was long and tiring and I have had no time to rest since being here. There is so much to discuss with Mann and Jagat after not being here for a few months and we talk for many hours.
We visited some children this morning and gave out gifts and letters from sponsors. Also visited the Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre to make arrangements for Keith Grey, a vet from Duncan who is one of the Rotarians coming, to visit with a vet there. It is a wonderful little place that helps street dogs with mange and various complaints. They also spay street dogs and they say that in the five years of operating they have stopped 50,000 puppies from being born. Mann and I wandered along looking in the cages at the females who were to be spayed tomorrow. Most had puppies in tow. Then we looked at a couple of dogs who had been hit by cars, a dog with mange and a regular dog there who drags its back around as it has lost use of its legs but manages quite nicely. The vets said they will be happy to see Keith and are hoping that their founder is also there that day. It is a very relaxed atmosphere and we were able to wander around freely. Keith is bringing supplies with him for the centre. I think if I had not been helping poor women and children I would have liked to have founded a charity like this one. But one charity is enough in a lifetime I think.
Although it has only been four months since I was here I still find the poverty striking when I first start visiting homes. The first place we went to is the home of my granddaughter Ali’s family. They were wearing clothes I gave to them some years ago even though they were worn and way too small. I gave out a bag full of clothes and promised to be back with more. We also bought some groceries for two families. I always give clothes and they make them last for years. How different from us. Thank goodness we have loads of clothes and shoes this time.
I will get some photos up as soon as possible but electric is in short supply.

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