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This is my second day in Kathmandu. Yesterday was a jeg lag day so did nothing but talk with Jagat and Kamal. My journey was good with an enjoyable day in Hong Kong on route.
Today we started working visiting two families. It was successful also as we managed to get one girl back into school after she had quit 3 months ago. Uma will now start back in school in a couple of days as soon as her school uniform is ready. She had lived at the orphanage but is now back in her home and was wanting to return to school. Hopefully we are successful and she continues. My time is limited on this computer. Power is out 8 hours a day now. I hope to be able to download some photos. No luck with the photo will try again later.
Okay it is now a few hours later and I was able to add this photos. Everything is a challenge in Nepal even sending photos.
Photo on left is Santosh. This is the third year we have sent Santosh to school and he has done very well and skipped a grade this year. He is now in class 4. I was surprised today at how grown up he looked and was so well groomed. When I met him 3 years ago he looked very different.
Photo on right is Jagat with Sunita, Sunil and Ganesh, Santosh’s brothers and sister. It was early morning and they were having their morning meal before getting ready for school. They are all doing well and walked with them to school, Sunil holding one hand and Sunita the other.
All around a good first day.

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