Nepal Education Fund

It was a very long journey today from 6am till we arrived here at 3:30 pm. The bus seemed unusually slow and it was very hot. Checked into the hotel and then went right to my favourite restarant for a cup of tea. We sponsored the 14 year old daughter of the family that run this restauant last spring. I am so tired that I cannot spell excuse this. I was so happy to see this family and they to see me. It is a tiny shop and the story of the family is this. They lost their home and livestock to a landslide in their village two years ago. They now have the job of running this restaurant. Since I was here in the spring they have lost their rented room as they said it was a wreck and in the monsoons it was flooded with water. They now have no home and sleep on the restaurant floor at night. Reka who we sponsored is such a lovely girl. Her sponsor pays for her three hours of extra tuition per day. So goes to school at 6 am returns at 4 pm and then she says she washes her clothes and then works as the waitress till 8 p. and then studies till 10 pm. This is the first time Bob has met her and he was so touched by her. The mother in spite of her hard life is always smiling. I sat there listening to tourists at another table talking of all their travels and wondered how these people felt who were so poor and who hear day in and day out how the rich westerners live. I felt like crying. Reka says she wants to be a doctor and was eager to show me her school work. She asked me how my Nepali was and I had to tell her that I had forgotton a lot and had been too busy to study much this summer.
tomorrow is the graduation for the ladies and I am so excited about it and so looking forward to seeing them all. We have certificates and medals for them all.
More on that tomorrow.

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