Nepal Education Fund

There seems to be some problem with this blog and many posts are missing but I will carry on.  We arrived in Pokhara today and we visited the literacy program this evening.  It is always wonderful to see the ladies and they were very excited to meet the Rotary members.  Dag met two of the ladies he sponsors the other two were in the village for the festival of Holy.  Susanne met her lady for the first time and is going to visit her home on saturday, she also met her sister’s sponsored child Rabika.  Joe spent time with his child, Suman.  Suman was pleased and asked me later what his sponsor’s name was again.  He is only 5 yrs but it was a thrill to meet his sponsor.  It is always emotional for me to see this meetings, I know what it means to the children.  Other children asked where there sponsors were.  I guess every child longs to meet their sponsor.  You, the sponsors, mean so much to the children.  It has been a long journey today and I am very tired so I am going to end here as it is after 10.  I hope this publishes okay as now the electric has gone.  I will try the photos tomorrow.  Good night. 

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