Nepal Education Fund

We arrived in Nepal on Friday just after midnight. It was a very long
journey and tiring journey. On the flight to Hong Kong a heavy
laptop fell from the overhead bin and hit my face but fortunately I am
okay. My glasses saved my eye but they are chipped and bent. I iced
my eye for an hour and then it started to feel better. I was lucky
not to have been seriously injured. The crew were very good to me and
gave us first class pyjamas and chocolates. Now I am walking around
the apartment in Chinese pyjamas!!!

When we arrived in Nepal we rushed to get at the begining of the visa
line up with our papers all filled out only to then realize I had lost
Bob’s visa photos. We had to leave the line up and go through all my
things but no luck so Bob had to have another one taken in the
airport. Then we were at the back of the line and had to wait nearly
two hours finally leaving the airport at midnight. Mann and Jagat had
been waiting two and a half hours outside.

So today is Saturday and a holiday here. Tomorrow we will start visiting.

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