Nepal Education Fund

Today I bought a baby blanket and some diapers for Sunita’s baby girl.  The baby was wrapped in old clothes and I think every mother should be given some nice gift for her baby.  In truth the gift was for  me because the joy I had in giving it to her made my heart swell and seeing the big smile on her face was the true gift of giving.  I sat there for a while just enjoying the moment.  The baby was dressed in some used clothes I gave her yesterday.  She did not know how to properly diaper a baby so Mann demonstrated which was also a precious moment.  Sunita has never been to school and has only been in the city a few months so she appears nervous most of the time but in spite of that I saw big smiles today.  I really needed this.  There is so much sadness here and poverty that sometimes we need moments like this one.
Also this morning I was visited by 5 students who live very far out so we had them come to the office.  These five have been with me since the beginning and are all successful and brought letters for their sponsors.  They were Deepa, starting class 9, Deepesh first year university, Dinish last year of college, Abeska starting class 5 and Ambika starting class 6.  All looked smart and well groomed.  This is the success of NEF.  Photos of Sunita with her gift,  Mann diapering the baby and Dinish who is finishing college and a super young who thanked me for our support over the years.

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