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Some experiences and memories of Nepal live forever and this one will stand out like a bright light. Visiting the school in Chimkhola was something that is hard to explain. The whole school was waiting for us and the musicians led us to the school yard where everyone was waiting and had been for a long time. We were adorned with flower malas and tikas (my hair is still red) and there were speeches of such gratitude. I cut the ribbon to the classroom where we concreted the floor. It all seemed so much for so little. The whole village welcomed us and we were invited to homes and there was much music and dancing in the evening.
We discussed how the Duncan Daybreak Rotary funds would be spent and how NEF funds would help. They had some old buildings which had long been abandoned but still were solid so with our funds we will refurbish one building to start with that will house the new computers and medical room. Also upstairs we will make a room where some of the children that walk two hours to the school can stay during the school week.
We met a new friend, Dipak, he is a guide and he came with us and Mann to help carry things and was really good. We are just on our way to his house now for Dal Bhat (lunch)
More later and some photos.

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