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Well we are back and it was a successful and amazing trip. The villagers made us so welcome and it was three days of celebration. They could not have done more to make us welcome. The children at the school danced and sang which we all enjoyed. Six or Seven Pokhara Rotary members also came. It was funny to see people like Keith Grey and Joe Simpson doing Nepali dancing with the villagers, something I never thought I would see happen. Dr Bill Code was a big hit and once the word got around that there was a doctor in the village he was kept busy seeing patients. They were shown around the village, saw the poor little medical clinic, the school, the mill for grinding wheat etc. I think it was a huge event for the village with much hope for the future.
I have to run as I have just returned and now have to go to dinner with a Pokhara Rotary Past President.
Hopefully tomorrow I will have time to tell you more news and add some photos.

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  1. Good morning Joe,

    My name is Som Pun. I was born and raised in Chimkhola village and currently a resident of BC, Canada since 1992. I work with the Ministry of Forests and Range as a registered professional forester. Prior to coming to Canada, I was a high school teacher right in my village, Chimkhola.

    I heard about the involvement of BC based Rotary Club and its substantial charity donation for the high school enrichment project in Chimkhola. It is amazing work and I thank you very much for this great initiative and contribution. Knowing this, I did some internet search and sent an e-mail ( to Susan Marshall in Duncan, BC, but I never received any respond from her. It was several months ago and unfortunately I failed to contact her again (silly me).

    Not too long ago, my brother, Om Pun in Chimkhola mentioned to me about his encounter with a Canadian gentleman in the village and I was hoping that one day I will be able to contact with this person. Just this morning, I received an e-mail from my friend John Metz with your introduction so I thought I will introduce myself to you.

    Coming from Chimkhola and being a former teacher of high school where the project is taking place means a great deal to me. I sure hope to be in touch with you and everyone involved in this project. It would be great to talk on the phone so I would like to give you my contact number in Prince George, BC. I can be reached at 250-562-3686 (during weekend).

    Sorry, I tried to send you e-mail, but e-mail bounched back with an error message (wrong address?).

    Thank you and have a great day. Som

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