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We are now back at home suffering some jet lag but that will pass in a few days.  As I said in my last post it has been a successful trip to Nepal and every day was full.  I did not see all the children but a lot of them.  I am posting some photos here but this week will upload all the photos onto to flickr.
I will email the sponsors whose children or women that I did see and let them know.

Our happy literacy women

Devi and sister Jyoti, Jyoti quit school but her sister Devi is determined to finish school

Uma who is nearly finished her sewing course and also has found a job as a cook in the Passport Office

Suman who is doing very well in school

I am returning to Nepal on February 20th.  Payments for sponsored children are due by January 15th.  There has not been a lot of response to this so I probably will extend this to January 30th.  This does not include the college students or women. 

Children in a class at Kristie School

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