Nepal Education Fund

I am now back home and have been busy getting all the letters out to sponsors. We did not get a letter from every child but from more than half and we have more coming in the mail. I am also sending out photos to sponsors everyday so please be patient as this takes me a long time.
I will have more photos up here shortly as Mann is in Pokhara checking on the literacy programs and sewing program.
Our annual garage sale is May 29th and we will need lots of volunteers so please let me know if you can help. Also we need items to sell the more the better. Please phone if you need anything picked up 250-746-8936.
It was a very productive trip to Nepal and now I am trying to adjust to life here, it is such a big change. I miss the children and Mann, Sima and Jagat as I live with them there. Fortunately Skype is a wonderful piece of technology and I talk to them most days. They are doing a great job for us.

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