Nepal Education Fund

I am now back at home recovering from jet lag. This week I will start to send out all the photos, letters etc. to sponsors. Please be patient as it will take me a long time. I will do some each day starting with the new sponsors and children. Also some letters are being mailed from Nepal as we did not get them all picked up in time.
NEF has a new mailing address in Nepal for those who wish to send letters. It is:

Nepal Education Fund
Everest Postal Care P. Ltd.
GPO Box 8975
EPC 1886
Lalitpur, Kathmandu

A reminder that our garage sale is on May 30th. I have to start thinking about that now as we need the funds for all the extras in running a charity. Fortunately we keep our costs as low as possible. I will put up some more photos in the next couple of days.
Mann emailed this morning that he had visited our women’s literacy program in Kathmandu and there were 12 women there but another 3 are joining for a total of 15. He said they were all enthusiastic and that it was a very good program. So now we have a total of 40 women in total between the two programs in Pokhara and Kathmandu.

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