Nepal Education Fund

I returned home to Canada last Monday evening after spending five days in England on route.
All in all it has been a good three months with a lot accomplished in Nepal. Highlights were: the move to the new residence for the orphanage, the sewing project and the buying of the tea shop for the newly widowed lady and her family and paying the medical fees for the burned lady. These things were very successful. There were also all the new matches of sponsors and children. It was a busy time with good results.

Unfortunately I had trouble with photos. First back at the end of January I accidently deleted all my photos and we had to retake. The the day before I left Kathmandu I left my camera in a taxi which had almost 500 photos on it. I had tried to have them burned to a CD the previous day but the computers were down. All my friends tried all avenues to recover the camera but of course in a city of thousands of taxi cabs it was impossible. There were a lot of sponsors photos on there. Kamal and Jagat will retake but it will take some time. Some of the photos are irreplaceable. I am sorry about this but I feel terrible about it, so much work wasted.
Please be patient and you will get your photos but it may take some weeks. I have all the earlier ones that were taken but not the ones from the last month and some may be missing from the first lot that I deleted. Eventually all will be retaken.

Thank you for all your sponsorship renewals the families and children really appreciate it and thank you to all the new sponsors.


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