Nepal Education Fund

Arrived home two days ago after a few days with my mother in England.
It was a very successful trip to Nepal with lots accomplished. The new roof for the Tamangs, a store for Jagat, first college student enrolled, equipment for two poor schools, lots of children visited, some new matches and our first sponsor from New Zealand and I think Australia also.
Our children are doing so very well in school, two children standing first in the class and another second.
For those of you who remember the lady with the bad burns in the spring I am happy to say she is doing so very well now. When she saw me she came running with a big smile. She was so much happier and her gratitude was so evident.
We have some new plans of helping a poor school with more equipment. We are going to pick some schools and decided which is the most commited to working with us in this regard. The principal and teachers have to be dedicated to helping the students and in some government schools they are not. Certainly the Hattiban school will be one to be considered. We will use donation money for this.

The tea shop started in the spring is doing very well. With extra money that the sponsors sent her she bought a fridge for the shop so she could sell cold drinks and keep milk. I thought this was a great idea as it helps the business which supports the family.
I want to thank the Beauty Salon in Ontario for their donation which did so much with help for a poor family, school equipment, medical and some toward the roof. Thanks, of course to all sponsors. I have letters and photos for a lot of you which I will get out as fast as I can. Also thank you to an inspirational internet company called They sell cards and other products and a percentage of the price goes to a charity of choice. Ours is on the list and we have received money from them. Please check them out.

Photos are of the tea shop, Jagat’s shop and our first college student Nauchhen and Mrs. Jalari (with the burns) looking so much better.

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