Nepal Education Fund

We are now back in Kathmandu for my last week here.  We are still seeing children and giving out clothes.  Also we are just arranging another dental clinic for Friday treating another 40 or 50 children.  This will be the final clinic for this year as all the dental money raised will have then been spent.  The medical clinic in Pokhara is happening tomorrow where 100 children will be screened.  Nar who is a new staff member for NEF, Prem and an Australian named Wayne will be assisting Dr. Clare with this.  She will also send me some photos.  School registrations are well underway. 
Pradip who I wrote about earlier here has passed class 9 and is starting class 10 now.  I said to Jagat this morning that a few years ago we never dreamed that this would ever happen for him.  Also his brother Sandip passed class 7 another miracle for him.  Now we are just starting the task of phoning all children to arrange transportation for the dental clinic. 

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