Nepal Education Fund

Arrived back here yesterday and it seems even hotter, more humid I think. I was working this morning getting school uniforms etc. Tomorrow we go to Hattiban to register children there and to see the new tables, chairs and cupboards that we had made for the school. I will also visit all children here.
We are in the last week here and would like to add at this point that donation money has been put to good use in the following ways: As mentioned above the furniture for the Hattiban school, repaired 20 desks and bought books for the Chimkhola village school, bought a sewing machine for Sanu Lama for her sewing course, paid for Sushant to go to the blind school and paid for all his supplies like his bed roll etc. paid for extra tutoring for children needing extra help, put money toward the vegetable trolley for Krishna to help him in his business and bought material for the sewing course at the SBCH orphanage. I think that these causes were all very worth while. I will have photos of the school furniture very shortly.
I still have work to do so the last days will be busy. There is always so many last minute things.

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