Nepal Education Fund

Arrived back here yesterday. We brought four bags of clothes to give out and three boxes of books which are a donation to a remote village school.
We left Jagat in charge of Bagawati who is in the hospital with the foot problem. Last night he said she was doing well but it is too early to tell if she will lose her foot or not.
I met Carol and her husband Keith here and we all had dinner together last night. These are the donors from Qatar. Today we are taking them to see their sponsored children in Simpani and to show them the science lab that was donated by their Rugby friends last October. They also have a donation for a new project possibly a school library. Mann and I are also going to buy sewing machines this morning.
We have a new staff member here in Pokhara. His name is Prem and I have known him for a year. He is my language teacher and also a school teacher. He is very happy to help us here and to be a member of the NEF family. I am delighted to have him join us. I will put his photo up here shortly.
Must go and have some breakfast.

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