Nepal Education Fund

Just to let you all know that the boys in Bristol were amazing. Yesterday,their beard growing netted close to 1000 pounds. And all this from people I do not even know. I met them all at a pub party and over the dinner and music, I had to try and find out what they whould like to do with the money. They decided on a private school education for a child which they are committed to seeing through to college or university. They were all young, sincere and totally committed to the project. They loved the whole concept of the program. I was totally amazed and touched by the whole event. My friend Alex bought old trophies from charity shops and had them remounted for the beard growing contest. Alex was wonderful and gave me a really good weekend showing me Bristol. It is a time I will never forget. Sometimes I sit back and think….. is this all really happening? Unfortunately I did not bring the wire to download photos maybe I will have Nishal bring it out.
I am now in Cambridge with my good friends there. I feel very fortunate indeed to have met all these good people.

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