Nepal Education Fund

Bipana is 16 years old and recently married.  In Nepali culture girls are often married off at this age.  She lives with her husband’s family as is the tradition here.  This an extremely poor family of ten members.  Bipana finished class 10 and wanted to go to college so her husband sold a very old TV they had to pay for the admission fee.  He could not pay the monthly fee so she had to drop out.  They had nothing else to sell.  She is desperate to go to college and it is the only hope for this family.  If she gets an education it will be a good example for the younger children in this family and hopefully then she can get a job.  I felt very sorry for her and told her I would try to get her a sponsor and her face lit up.  The cost for her would be $300 for this year as the admission fee is paid and next year $350.

Bipana is now sponsored.

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