Nepal Education Fund

Today we visited Bipana who is one of our college students.  She was not looking very good as she said she had been sick but she had also had lost a lot of weight.  This is a very poor family and food is in very short supply.  She told me she wishes to become a teacher.  Her English is very good and I think she has a good chance of realizing her dream.  She also has a very good sponsor.

Pilgrims was a landmark in Thamel, Kathmandu.  It was a famous bookstore with many floors and a restaurant which was called “Feed and Read” which Bob and I always enjoyed..  The store had great ambiance and was loved by everyone who visited it.  We bought a lot of books foe schools here.  Unfortunately it burned to the ground last May with all books lost and the insurance had run out.  Today I took this photo of our missing book shop that used to have a special feeling when you walked in the door

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