Nepal Education Fund

Sunil with happy with his birthday gifts

Getting ready to blow out the candles

Oh the cake is so good!

Jagat, who works for NEF, and his family

Yesterday it was Puja, who is Jagat’s daughter, 13th birthday and Sunil, who is Samjhana’s brother from downstairs, 4th birthday.  It was also my triplet’s 45th birthday back in Canada.  We had a birthday cake for Puja and Sunil.  I think it was the first time that Sunil had ever had a cake and candles.  He is a very poor child and his family could not afford this.  It was so cute to watch him blow the candles out.  I gave him a book and Mann and Sima gave him some rupees and he was delighted.  We sung happy birthday to each of them.  It was fun to see a little boy experience his first birthday cake and presents. 

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