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This is a sad story about a 10 year old boy called Dawa Tamang. He is one of our sponsored children from a very poor family in Katmandu. He was hospitalized a couple of weeks ago with suspected meningitis. He was admitted to the Children’s Hospital which is a teaching hospital and they will allow poor families to pay half of the medical fees and give them free food. We paid for this and for his medications. He then needed a CAT scan as they suspected he had a brain abscess. Jagat and Kamal took him for this to another hospital and then a few days later went to the Bir Hospital in Kathmandu to see the doctor who told them he had an octogenic brain abscess and that he needed surgery immediately or he would become paralysed and probably die.
The cost for this would be about $660.00 and they only might be able to give him a slight deduction due to his poverty. We told them we would send the money and he is at the time of writing in surgery. I do not know what the prognosis is but Jagat tells me that the doctor says he will be okay. Our garage sale money will pay for some of it and the sponsor is helping also. Thank goodness we can do this or this little boy would die.
Jagat and Kamal have spent days at the hospital and waited hours to speak to doctors. Yesterday they were there from early morning and got home at midnight. They had to go and buy the blood and medications he needed for surgery in midst of huge political demonstrations.
I am relieved that we can help this child but what is so sad is that had we not provided the money this child’s life would be over and he would have probably died a slow and painful death. How many children is this happening to in the third world? Also he got this from a untreated ear infection.
I am very grateful for Kamal and Jagat’s dedication to helping this child.
I will keep you posted as to his progress.

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