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The Watkins took Doma, their sponsored child, and her Aunty and sister out for lunch today.  It was a two hour lunch and they enjoyed drawing pictures together and getting to know each other better.  At the end though it was time to say goodbye which they were sad about.
First thing this morning some students came to visit at the office.  Pradip, and his sister Parmila and then Deepesh and his sister Deepa and their mother.  They had travelled for two and a half hours to see us.  Pradip I have written about often on this blog as he is one of our biggest success stories.  We helped him get off the streets years ago where he was taking drugs.  He has gone on to finishing his class ten successfully and now is in his second year of college.  He goes to college from 6am to 11am and then works in a warehouse till 7pm six days a week and two hours on Saturdays.  He earns $50 per month for that.  I asked him if he was going to go to university as i know his sponsor would pay for him but he said as much as he would like to he has too many problems at home and must work.  He is the eldest son and they are so poor that he has to provide for the family as his father does not come home often and provides nothing.  I am very proud of him as he has come so far and is such a admirable young man.
We next visited the children’s home,SBCH, where I have some sponsored children.  Santi, who lost her mother last year and her father this last April is living here now.  She has been through so much but today was looking healthy and happy, a big improvement in a few months.  Also we saw Jenny, the dog who was so sick in the spring and who I took to vets for treatment a couple times.  I really thought she was not going to make but thanks to two boys, Sargon and Rahoul, who followed all instructions and gave the medicines daily she recovered and was looking good today.  When we got there Rahoul was bathing her.
Photos of Pradip, Santi, Jenny and lunch with Doma

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