Nepal Education Fund

I am just rushing to get this out to you beofre the electric goes out. It is very difficult to do this as the electric is out so much so please bear with me.
I have been matching children and visiting children every day. They love the gifts, letters etc. I really enjoy seeing how they are progressing. An American named Bill sent me a lot of lovely clothes which I have been handing out and all those lovely school shoes have been going quickly.
Attaching some photos of our new matches.
Life is certainly hard here, I do not know how people manage with so many shortages. I visited a school this week and they need some windows as there are just bars on the windows and it must be so cold in the winter. We are pricing putting some plastic windows in the two youngest classes.
We have a little boy who has gone deaf in one ear due to an untreated ear infection so we have sent his mother with him to the hospital to see if maybe there is something they can do for him.
We finally got some water at the orphanage which is great. The tanker came late at night.
Saw the dog today that I took to the vet hospital and he is surviving well without the medication as I could not find him till today. They are like the kids and great immunity and survival skills.
This is very rushed but will try to time it better next time.

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