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Now that we are back in Kathmandu we are busy visiting children and schools and starting registrations. 
The government schools are closed for the holidays but the private schools are always open.  Over the years I have made good connections with some of the principals especially the women.  So it is a pleasure to visit.  At City Academy the principal is a woman with a big heart who helps a lot of poor families and I try to help her out by sponsoring children here.  I so much enjoy visiting here and having some tea and a good chat.  Her son is a Nepali champion swimmer and will be going to the Olympics this summer.  She particularly helps little girls and has taken two in as her own family to save them from very bad situations, in one case the child was going to be sold to a brothel in India by the father. 
We have another two sponsors visiting here in May, different families, it will be exciting for the children.
Today we had two of the Rotary team from Duncan come and visit our office and this afternoon we visited children here in Nakhipot.  Tomorrow it is back to the village of Hattiban to visit the children there.

Rheka, Nira, Ram and Dipak at the Laughing Buddha Restaurant.  Rheka is sponsored by NEF. This family looks after me extremely well even bringing me food and medicine to my hotel room when I was sick. 

Kiersma and her daughter Niruta.  Kiersma is our only full time woman student studying in the same class as her daughter.

Kathmandu NEF students Sushil and Pabitra outside their home

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