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Yesterday was Canada Day for us here in Canada and our booth was set up early to sell dog biscuits, Nepali handicrafts and dinner draw tickets. We did very well making $330 from biscuits, handicrafts and donations. Plus we sold $220 worth of dinner draw tickets. This was a great day and we thoroughly enjoyed talking to everyone about NEF and greeting many old friends. The parade was the best yet out of the six years it has been running. It is a real local community event.

Again thank you to everyone who came by to say hello and to all who contributed to our sales. Special thanks to my dog walking friend, Barbara for helping all day and her great salesmanship. She even had one of my Nepali Christmas cards in her hat to show people what we did last year. It is so wonderful for me to have such support.

Thanks also to the Pictorial for a very good article on NEF, it certainly brought people out to meet us.

I have had a donation for 4 sewing machines for our newly planned sewing program in Pokhara. I am hoping to get this started later in the year. Certainly now with the success of these sales we have the ability to get this up and running.

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  1. Susan! Your name was passed on to me as a potential fantastic community contact. I am working with Canada World Youth seeking local billets for young Canadians & Kenyans arriving in September — for more information.

    Please drop me a line at if you’d be interested in sharing local contacts and helping out a newcomer to Duncan! 🙂

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