Nepal Education Fund

Carol and Keith arrived yesterday and we took them to Simpani to visit their children, Nirmala, Tika, Susmita and their friends children Susma, Sangita and Niruta.  The skies opened and it poured with rain, the taxi windows all fogged up  and Keith was trying to wipe them so the driver could see.  Sangita had moved and we could not find her so we will have to check at the school.  We ended up sitting on somebody’s porch while Mann searched for her in the downpour and we enjoyed their hospitality.  It was a rushed visit to all the children and then we drove through the traffic jam caused by the huge line up for petrol.  It is the same every day.  The taxi driver told us he lines up at 1 am till 5 am then sleeps till 11 am when he starts   work till he lines up again at night.  How lucky are we?
Then we picked up Jeff and went to Prem’s birthday.  Prem has been my language teacher for years and a dear friend.  Prem also now runs a children’s education charity which he says was inspired by NEF.  One paragliding company donates part of every flight to him.  The founder of the paragliding company was from Seattle so Jeff made friends with him
Today we go to the village of Gunjara for a dental camp and to check Carol and Keith’s school project.
The little girl in the photo below is Susma with a photo card from her sponsor.

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